Maui Nui Canoe Race

KCC Maui Nui Canoe Race


The Maui Nui Canoe Race is one of the most challenging paddling races, spanning 100 miles in just 3 days. The first leg of the race is a 42 mile run from Maliko Bay, Maui to Moloka’i. The second leg of the race is a 38 mile run from Moloka’i to Hulopoe Bay, Lana’i. The third and final leg of the race is a 20 mile run from Hulopoe Bay, Lana’i to Hanakaoʻo Beach Park, Maui. For more information, please visit the Maui Nui Canoe Race’s website and Facebook page with the following links:

Maui Nui Canoe Race Website

Maui Nui Canoe Race Facebook Page

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